Exeter Corn Exchange


   P E R F O R M A N C E S



Sat 8th December 1pm            SOLD OUT

Sun 9th December 3pm

Mon 10th December 10am       LIMITED SEATS

Mon 10th December 1.30pm    

Tues 11th December 10am      LIMITED SEATS


Tues 11th December 1.30pm   LIMITED SEATS

Wed 12th December 10am       LIMITED SEATS

Wed 12th December 7pm

Thu 13th December 10am        LIMITED SEATS

Thu 13th December 7pm    


Sat 15th December 1pm

Sun 16th December 3pm

Mon 17th December 10am       LIMITED SEATS

Tue 18th December 10am        LIMITED SEATS

Tue 18th December 7pm

Wed 19th December 10am

Wed 19th December 7pm


Thu 20th December 10am        LIMITED SEATS


Thu 20th December 1.30pm


Sat 22nd December 1pm


Sun 23rd December 2pm

Sun 23rd December 6pm

Mon 24th December 11am

Mon 24th December 3pm




Wed 26th December 11am

Wed 26th December 3pm

Thu 27th December 2pm

Thu 27th December 7pm

Fri 28th December 2pm

Fri 28th December 7pm

Sat 29th December 11am

Sat 29th December 3pm

Sun 30th December 3pm

Mon 31st December 1pm

Tue 1st January 3pm




Ticket Prices


OFF-PEAK                                   PEAK


4-ticket packages


FAMILY BAND A               £60.00                                    FAMILY BAND A                  £65.00

(4 tickets)                                                                       (4 tickets)


FAMILY BAND B               £40.00                                    FAMILY BAND B                  £45.00

(4 tickets)                                                                        (4 tickets)



Individual tickets


BAND A                                £19.50                                 BAND A                                £22.50  

                                             (£17.50)                                                                           (£20.50)                           

BAND B                                £15.00                                BAND B                                £16.50  

                                             (£13.00)                                                                           (£14.50)                                 



(Prices in brackets = concession rates for senior citizens, under 16's, registered disabled people and students in full time education)


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